The Art of War, Reinvented

CNBC's Becky Quick interviews Colonel Ty Seidule, Head of the West Point Department of History, and Tim Strabbing, President of Rowan Technology and former Marine infantry officer.



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Distinguished Writing Award

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Standout Course (Top 5 Course in iTunes U, #1 in History)

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Prize for the Use of Digital Technology in Teaching Military History


Army Historical Foundation


Distinguished Writing Award




New York Journal of Books

“There are truly not enough superlatives to describe this volume. . . . To accompany each chapter, the text provides lavish maps, timelines, figures, and order-of-battle diagrams for each of the major battles and campaigns. While these would be expected from a military history text, they are nonetheless extremely well done . . . While intended to serve as an undergraduate textbook, there is a great deal of scholarship to unpack from this text, even for the experienced student of World War II. . . . This is a truly magnificent volume that should become not only standard issue at West Point but for any university teaching an undergraduate course in World War II.”


“A hell of a book”


“A digital revolution has altered the way today's students experience the...'History of the Military Art,' thanks to a unique entrepreneurial venture between the United States Military Academy at West Point and Rowan Technology.”

Military History Now

“We were blown away by the breadth and depth of material as well the eye-popping art direction.  The print edition is as good as any Civil War anthology we've ever seen, while the digital version pushes the publishing envelope with the fully animated battle maps, data-rich info graphics, diagrams, photo libraries and a host of multimedia features.  Regardless of the format, this collection is a must-have for any student of the American Civil War.”

Library Journal

“Countless books have been written about World War II but few provide such a concise, accurate, and detailed account as this volume. . . . West Point (USMA) shares its vast knowledge of history and warfare . . . An astonishing, important book that will inform and entertain all readers, this is an essential purchase. Fans of military history, strategy, warfare, and human conflict will reap the benefits of this work.”

Booklist (Starred Review)

“This is a lavishly illustrated and superbly written survey of the origins, course, and legacy of our national trial by fire.”